Thursday, May 28, 2009

Housing Estate Part 3 - Mini Park

This is the same park near my brother's apartment that I have posted before. You can view my previous posting in here.

I went down to the mini park with my little niece in the evening. Now I see people starting to come out and play and also to exercise.

This place is so shady, I like it.

A track for residents to jog or run. Noticed in the background, some flats are on the ground floor and they can dry their clothes in the open space and also to grow plants. Residents on higher floor also can grow plants in pots but they cannot placed them on dangerous place (eg. window ledge), which can pose a danger to people walking on the ground floor.

Anyone who throws objects down from high buildings to endanger lives would have to face a heavy penalty.

Pebbles on the ground for foot exercises. There are many fallen leaves in here, the poor cleaner would have a hard time sweeping them the next day.
A suspended bridge popular with kids.

Looked at my little niece having fun with her stuffed doggie on the sea saw. The doggie is a christmas present that I bought for my niece when she was about 2 and she still keep it. It is so dirty and yellowish but she refused to change for a new stuff doggie I think I will bring her out next month during the school holiday to get a new stuff dog.

Noticed that the see saw is designed for safety. It is low and the mat to cushion any fall by kids.

There are more play equipment at the playground like the swing, swinging chair, car, etc but I did not take the photographs .


Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Nice to be able to enjoy the park within close proximity. It's an asset for families. Definitely an eco friendly housing estate.

Ann said...

Hi Alice,

I remember litter killer.

I didn't stay in a high rise building, once we were offered a 12 storey building when our apt was renovated. When i went to view the common area, the balcony rails were so low, my son was 3 then. We chicken out and choice a 5 storey apt.



Old Wom Tigley said...

What a loverly estate this is... inlike the ones here in the UK.. Ours are dirty and unkept... many many people try there best to keep their area nice but only just bring the area down.
I do wish ours could be like these.

Lara said...

again - unbelievable! what a nice area!

alicesg said...

Keats, yes it is indeed nice to be able to enjoy and exercise with the family in the mini park.

Ann, seems like you dont like to be on high level. I am on the 9th floor (too low for me lol). I wish I can stay about 40 storey high. :) Like the top of the world feeling..hehehe.

Tom, residents need to pay a monthly fee for cleaners to clean daily and washing once a month of the estate. The flats are painted every five years.

Lara.. Thanks. :)

Anya said...

I like also the bridge LOL
Fantastic shots :)