Sunday, May 24, 2009

Very Precious Teaset Collection Part 2

Wow I am lucky today. I went to my brother's house for our monthly gathering for siblings. It happened that my eldest sister had not collected her inheritance of the teaset (that was part of my mom's wedding gift) from my late

I asked her if she still have her teaset collection and she said she had forgotten to collect from my brother's house (late mom stay with my brother).

So quickly I whipped out my camera...hehehe.

This teaset collection (now belongs to my eldest sister) is smaller, it does not comes with dinner plates nor sugar or milk bowls. It is just a teapot and six cups with saucers.

Love the drawings on the saucers, it had a dragon and phoenix on them.

Now this is funny, the below milk pot (part of another teaset collection of my late mom's wedding gift) was supposed to be with the teapot, cups and saucers and sugar and milk pot. My second sister had long collected her inheritance of the teaset but she left out this milk pot that was in my brother's house, so I was lucky to take photo of this milk pot.

I doubt I will be able to take photo of the rest of the teaset collection as my second sister had put her teaset collection in boxes in storeroom and she would take a long time to find them.
As for the last and fourth teaset collection, I have to visit my youngest sister's home and take photo of them when I get the chance.

Hope you like my little story of the four teaset collections of my late mom.
P.S. All the four sets of teaset are very old (my eldest sister is 55 years old) so the collections must be more than 60 years old or older as they are my mom's wedding gift.


XUE said...

I am quite impressed that a Chinese family would have 4 teaset & I thought this is quite unusual since it is a Western teaset. How nice of have memories like these.

CC said...

Alice..the teasets are just beautiful. Such wonderful treasures and memories of your sweet mother. I'm so proud you have them.

alicesg said...

I guess it was the trend back then to collect teaset? No idea,mom not around to answer my question.

alicesg said...

CC, yes, Sisters and me talking about them yesterday. :) They were the centre of attraction Bring back good memories of my late mom.

I wish I can have all the four sets ...hehehehe but then I think my sisters might have same thoughts as

M.Kate said...

That is a very beautiful and exquisite teaset.

Indrani said...

These are precious!
To imagine all the love and affection that has passed down with these cups.

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Lovely teasets and beautiful memories.

Marie said...

This is beautiful. It is all the more precious as it belonged to your mother. Lots of memories about it.

Anya said...

Wow !!
Its toooo beautiful
to drink out it :)
Looks soooo fragile !!
The memories are sooo lovely :)

the donG said...

from the different sets that you've shown, i like this the most.