Sunday, May 17, 2009


I posted this photo of a motorbike to tell you a joke that my favourite uncle told me.
My late uncle (my favourite uncle) used to have a scooter. Once while out dating his girlfriend (his wife), they were riding the scooter and my uncle would always love to chat while riding.

Then they had to stop at a traffic light when it turned red. His wife came down from the scooter to retrieve her scarf which had flew off the ground. So when the traffic light turned green, my uncle just rode the scooter off without
And the funny part was my uncle continued chatting while riding without realising his wife was not in the back seat. Then he was wondering why other drivers kept looking at him...hehehe and why his wife was so quiet. So he turned around and realised his wife was not behind him.....hahaha
When he told us the joke, we were all laughing so hard.
My uncle and his wife is no longer around and I hope they have fun riding wherever they are now. Hopefully they get to meet my late parents too and they can have a game of


Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

OMG! wherever there are now, I'm sure they're having a good laff at themselves!!

Indrani said...

That was funny!
:) The last couple of lines are touching.

Anya said...

Thats a funny and crazy story :)
Nice to read in the early morning!
have a nice sunday ^_^

the donG said...

hahaha... very very funny! it made my sunday end in a really really good mood.

i once fell from a tricycle in the middle of the road. it was a funny experience!

Ann said...

Hi Alice,

I just found out my comment last night on this post went missing. Anyway, I also replied on my site.

I read your comment on Gordon's site. What is this about you and ferris wheel? You not scared you be stuck up that Singapore fly? LOL

alicesg said...

Ann, I always love to have the top of the sky feeling and that's nothing to be scared about being stuck in ferris wheel. I am more scared to be stuck in Anyway I might be going on the flyer once construction around Marina are completed so that I can have a better view. Must make my money