Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Buildings around Coleman Street (Part 2)-Funan Centre

This is Funan Centre, one of the IT complex of Singapore. This is the place where you can find all electronics, computer and anything associated with IT.

The place where Funan Centre stands used to be where my late grandparents lived in. It was one of those prewar houses that were demlised and make way for all these buidlings. I used to play around these streets during my childhood where life is simle and fun and not much tall buildings and vehicles.

Inside Funan Centre, you can see all the advertisements/banners advertising the latest technology and the competition is fierce.

Good buys in the atrium of the complex.

And of course you can find food in the centre. This is the food court of Funan Centre. Ever wondered why Singaporean is always eating? :) It's a weekend and I am out too shopping/window shopping and looking for good food and I dont normally cook during the weekends. I only cook dinner during weekdays. That's is five times a

Sometimes I dont even cook weekdays if my two sons decided not to come home for dinner so hubby and me will eat out or ordered takeaways. Life is so much easier when the kids are all grown up.

A short video of Funan Centre.


Anonymous said...

I guess electronics fans and nerds would go completely wild on such a huge centre!

the donG said...

there's just enough places to get around and explore singapore. i enjoy mall hopping.

Jim said...

The open area looks huge.

Anonymous said...

Knock Knock, it's MaidenShade Visiting!

Just stopped by to say "bonjour", and to offer a belated Pink Saturday response as I had a minor operation and got behind. Your blog is just so interesting and educational!


Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Shall let my husband know when we visit S'pore. Shop till you drop??

LadyFi said...

Your shopping malls are so big and clean. Lovely.

Photo Cache said...

You can eat out 365 days in a year and not eat at the same place twice, that's what I think about the number of restaurant/cafes/eateries in Singapore.

I'm really not much of a mall rat; I get agitated with crowded places, but I love the malls that I have seen there.

bettyl said...

Such wonderful photos of a different culture! thanks for sharing.

Lara said...

this is an impressive area!