Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Housing Estate Facilities (Part 2)-Fitness Corner

Continuing from yesterday post about the facilities in housing estates around Singapore.

This is a very small amphitheatre for the green tea corner's (posted about it yesterday) activities.

Residents would come here to perform or watch dances, songs, and etc.
Behind the amphitheatre is a little fitness corner.

There are instructions teaching people how to warm up before using the equipment.

You can click on the photo to enlarge it to read the instructions.

This signboard teaches how to use the equipment. It is quite easy and fun to use.
We are so well taken care of. The mat below the fitness equipment prevent someone from falling on hard concrete and hurt oneself. It is fire proof too.

Noticed the background of the covered linkway. They are built to connect blocks of flats so that we wont get drenched by heavy downpour and to shelter us from the hot sun. Do you think we are too pampered?

When I was young in my teens, I had to walk knee deep in flooding My sons had never even experienced a flood in Singapore. That's how well built and organised my country is, but it is still not 100% perfect.

A short video of the equipment.

I had my sister play on the equipment so that I can video

P.S. There are not many people using the fitness corner cause when I took this photo was in the noon. Visit tomorrow post where I took some photos of the nearby park in the evening where people are starting to come out and exercise.


Rajesh said...

Looks like a coll place. Open-air fitness center is colorful.

Lara said...

wow, I must say that you reached a level of civilization that for Romania is still SF :))!

Jim said...

Neat to have all of that equipment outside. How hot does it get there?

alicesg said...

Temperature is about 31 or 32 degrees celsius in the day and night could be around 23 or 24 degrees celsius but during end of the year (raining season) temperature will be around 27 or 28 degrees and night can go down as low as 21 or 22. The highest temperature recorded was 35 degrees celsius.

Today the weather is so hot it reached 32degrees celsius. We dont have four seasons as we are about 2 degrees north of the equator.

Anonymous said...

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valeriechua said...

Hi Alice,
I am a student working on a project about outdoor fitness corners and I would like to ask where this fitness corner that you have photographed is located? If it is still present today, I would like to make a trip down.

Also, I would like to express appreciation for all your sharing throughout the years! For me, they are very valuable research insights. May I use your photographs for my research paper with due credit to your blog and yourself?

Thank you for your time!

alicesg said...

Hi Valerie Chua, if you are locating in Singapore, you can find these facilites all over Singapore. I am not sure if the facilities are still around , the last time I saw the exercise machines have been changed to a different type. Please identified yourself before using my photos, I could not see your profile. Thank you.