Sunday, May 3, 2009

Downtown East - Part 3 - Recreation

The E hub building(behind the big ferris wheel) is a place for leisure and entertainment for the whole family. There's a resort beside this E hub which is very popular with the families and they would also make use of the recreation facilities in this building

Love the beautiful tunnel entrance of the bowling alley.
K box for karaoke lovers.

A big giant playground for the kids.

More fun coming in the next few posts on Downtown East.


Ann said...

I didn't go to the East often, but my friends like the Chalets. Is this where you E hub is?

alicesg said...

Ann, that is correct. That's next to the chalets. I will showcase the chalets in the next few posts.

Indrani said...

Looks like a grand place for entertainment.

Anya said...

What a lot of fun there :))
Its for the hole family FUN ;)

Jim said...

It looks like it has something for almost every night. I would like that place.

the donG said...

the giant mushrooms makes you feel like you're in marioland.