Monday, May 4, 2009

Downtown East - Part 4 - Recreation

Going toward the resort/chalets from the E hub complex, we can come across several restaurants, food courts and some small shops.

It is a Saturday night and many Singaporeans do not normally cook on this day, so the entire family will come out and patronise eating outlets near their homes or in other parts of the city. I am one of

I saw these beautiful chess sets in a window display.

They are in the form of soldiers and kings, so cute.

Mahjong set anyone?

What about chips and cards?

As there are several chalets near here, this shop sold mainly recreation items that holiday makers might need.


Ann said...

You are so lucky to have so many food courts, restaurants and even hawker centres.

We didn't eat out a lot because the husband didn't have a big wallet, and I didn't like sweating in a hawker centre. We did eat in the students' canteens in NTU.Cheap and air con.

Once a month, my girl friends and I pretend to be Tais Tais and have a good feed in a nice hotel.


Ann :)

alicesg said...

Ann, you are right we are so lucky. We can find food in every corner of the Island. But sometimes I too prefer home cooked food the best.

Oh yes, I do have a get together with my girlfriends too and it always involved

LadyFi said...

Food courts - yum! And love the photos of the chips and cards.

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

We tend to eat in during the week. Sometimes during the weekends we go out for a meal.
I agree, home cooked food is the preferred choice. When eating out, the choices are bewildering!!

Anya said...

I can not chess but the chess sets
are ver big and beautiful :))))

And oke home cooked food is the best but I like it to eat in a restaurant LOL
(Than I have free in the kitchen)

Photo Cache said...

I love the Singapore culture of eating out a lot.

Anonymous said...

I am all for a country that doesn't cook on Saturdays..I would really enjoy that.....LOL..

alexander said...

Yes those are neat pieces.

Alex's World! -

the donG said...

i miss playing mahjong. i only played it once in my lifetime but the giant chess is as cool!