Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Telok Blangah Housing Estate-Part 3-Playground and Exercise Corners

Walking around the estate of Telok Blangah, I could see these exercise facilities for the eldery. The one on the extreme left are for swinging both legs. You just stand on top of them and and hold on the handles and swing both legs. The one in the middle is for exercising your hands. Just use both hands and turn the handles of the wheel. As for the extreme right, I have no clue how to use But I knew those blue benches are for sitting...hehehe.

These huge pebbles are meant for treating the soles of the legs. You have to walk barefooted on them. I tried walking but it was so

Something for the youngs too. A playground with slides and bridges.

The place looked so dirty it is not because the cleaner did not do his job. As I have mentioned in yesterday post, this place is facing the sea and on top of a hill, it is extremely windy here and these are all leaves that had fallen from the many trees in this place.

I will post about the many trees in here in tomorrow post. :)


Gaelyn said...

I like the pattern of the rocks, but maybe not for walking on. Nice place.

Ann said...

Hi Alice,

When the elderly exercise machines were introduced to Jurong West extension, near to Xing Nam school, the elderly people had ahard time chasing young kids away from their machines.

You and I have XIAO JIE feet. I agree with you, the reflexogy stones are too painful for us.

Karen said...

That looks quite a nice housing estate to live in..

They certainly look after their tenants !

LadyFi said...

Great idea to have exercise places for the elderly - and those reflexology stones are wonderful!

Zazuza said...

the pebble area is so interesting! I am sure it does good, but my feet are sensitive too!

Anya said...

Its beautiful there:)
The pebbles its art ,
Barefooted walking on the pebbles,
thats nothing for me ;(

the donG said...

where are the kids?

alicesg said...

Dong, photo was taken around noon, so noone is out in the hot sun, the facilities are mostly used in the morning and evenings.