Friday, May 1, 2009

Skywatch Friday-Downtown East - Part 1 - Ferris Wheel

My contribution for skywatch must be this beautiful ferris wheel at Downtown East in Pasir Ris. With the background of the night sky without any moon or stars but the colourful lights of the ferris wheel make the whole place so cheerful.
A short video of the ferris wheel in motion and the noisy vehicles whizzing by me.
The building behind the ferris wheel is E hub where there's a 24 hours cinema (with many smaller cinemas within the cinema), a bowling alley, children playground, etc. Beside the ferris wheel is a multi storey car park which is fully packed with cars and no more parking places for late comers.
Looked at the illuminated lights at the multi storey car park.
For other sky watchers, please hop over to Skywatch blog.
Please return to visit for more photos of Down Town East in my next few posts.


uncleawang said...

Wow!!!what a place to visit:)
That's very interesting,thanks for sharing & have wonderful weekend.

chrome3d said...

Really electrifying skywatch you had there. The videos made it look even better.

Ann said...

To me ferris wheels are liken to "Nice to see, but not nice to eat" Never liked ferris wheels, they seemed to be going so slowly and stay put whenyou are on top, and you wish the ride will quickly end.

How's the Singapore fly/wheel now? Do they get as many customers as before?

Have you and your boys been on it?

alicesg said...

Hi Ann, I always love ferris wheel but that night I did not go for the ride because it was indoors. My most memorable ride was the ferris wheel in Ocean Park in Hongkong which was on top of a hill. When we reach right at the top, the coldness and scenery really left me speechless and it was a wonderful moment. It was in December at that time.

The Singapore flyer is up and about now but because of the economic downturn, they dont get as many visitors as they used to. My family have not gone on the ride yet. I was waiting for all the construction in the surrounding area to be completed before I go up one so that I can have a nice view. Wanted to make the most of my

XUE said...

Ann & Alice,
In Yokohama, there's this ferris wheel right on the roof of a shopping mall where...on a clear get a fabulous view of Mt Fuji !

Anya said...

Its a realy nice place to visit :)
Thats a super cool wheel,
I 'am a bit "dizzy" to look at it LOL
Nice video :)
Its a lot of fun there in Singapore....

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

That ferris wheel is something else! Very lively and colorful area.

Horsoon said...

I agree with chrome3d, it's an amazing electrifying sky watch!

alexander said...

Is that ferris wheel meant to be part of the shopping complex? That is so cool! Good coverage.

Have a fun weekend.

Alex's World! -

Indrani said...

Very colorful!
I had been in one when I was a child. :)

fishing guy said...

Alice: That was a wonderful view of the ferris wheel in the air.

Island Style said...

I love ferris wheels and fairs..though I hardly go to them anymore. Beautiful capture of the pretty night life..nice colors-

Photo Cache said...

Very nice. I like the lights of S'pore.

alicesg said...

Thanks all for the nice comments and visit.

Alex, that's part of a resort cum leisure complex behind the ferris wheel. You can find more entertainment in here such as bowling alley, cinema, restaurants, etc but no boutique, etc

SandyCarlson said...

The dark sky releases the magic of the carnival.