Thursday, May 21, 2009

Telok Blangah - Trees (Part 4)

Just outside the housing estate of Telok Blangah is this road where there are many trees along the road. I have no reason to be here but I wanted to take photo of the famous bridge that was built recently. The bridge is known as Henderson Waves which I will post the photo tomorrow for Skywatch.

There's lot of greenery over here, part of the reason it is near two hills where there's lot of trees and monkeys too. I have not encountered any monkeys so far.

The above sign is "No Jay Walking". In Singapore, if you see the above sign, means you have to use the proper pedestrian crossing nearby to cross the road. So that it is safe for the pedestrians and also the motorists on the road.

My husband was fined once for $50 because he I think he deserved it cause he should have think about me and my sons. You should have see how my husband cross the Even when we were dating, he would cross the railway tracks to save time instead of making a big turn to go back to his home. I always have to nag at him to cross properly.

Rich ferns growing between the trees. There are many such trees in Singapore. We are a garden city so trees and plants are found all over the little island.

To read more why Singapore is known as the Garden City, you can read the source from here.
Come back tomorrow to see photos of the famous bridge, Henderson Waves


Ackworth born said...

so many trees but you surely need them for shade from your overpowering sun.

Bonnie Bonsai said...

Beautiful place Alice. I love those ferns too!

Anya said...

I want to see that your husband
cross the road....LOL
Make the next time a quick shot;)

Fantastic green shots you make ^_^

the donG said...

this place looks very much like the university of the philippines campus in diliman. amazing with such great resemblance.

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

I love the greenery in Singapore and how well the gardens are kept too. Bird's nests nestling on trees make such lovely pictures too.
The ' green' message is also on my blog today.
Can't explain why an old blog image is still appearing on other blogs.

Alexander said...

Beautiful tree. Very thick and in growth. :)

Alice I will be away (out of UK) over the weekend starting from tomorrow, so won't be able to read your Sky Watch. Have fun sky watching.

Alex's World! -

Keropok Man said...

Telok Belangah is a nice place. We considered buying a place there last time.

Like your series on Tlok Belangah. ;-)

alicesg said...

Thanks all for the nice comments and visit.

Alex, you have a nice trip.

Keropok, yes, the place is wonderful and quiet and the scenery is great but the flats there are more expensive.