Friday, May 22, 2009

Problem visiting blog

Sorry, I have problem visiting some blogs. It just dont load, keep giving me an error. Wondered if anyone of you have same problem?

So sorry if I dont get round visiting blogs.

Will try to visit when the error is solved.

Have a nice weekend all.


Anya said...

Not alone with your blog
all blogs are CRAZY yesterday and today, I can't visit all blogs :(
Now it works by you lol

alicesg said...

Phew!, Anya thanks for responding to me, I thought it was my computer having and I still cant visit blogs...grrr

CC said...

I also am having a problem. I can't even get my own blog to load and having a terrible time. I thought it was my computer..sure wish the problem could get fixed..

chrome3d said...

I have the same problem. It´s only in some blogger-blogs. The page is shown but then it disappears.

Trotter said...

Hi Alice! Sorry for the absence, but I’ve been busy with my parents’ health; almost 180 years to care... ;)
I had the same problem to enter my blog this afternoon, but now at home it worked. Blogger must be with one of its idiosyncrasies... ;))

Wonderful pictures of the Waves and of Telok Blangah!!

Blogtrotter is paying homage to Vilnius as European Capital of Culture 2009. Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!

alicesg said...

Oh, so it is blogger's problem. I have to click so many times before I can access my own blog...sigh. OK, I will visit once I can access to the other blogs. It is frustrating to keep clicking.

Trotter, hope everything will worked out fine for you, will try to visit your blog whenever I can access to it.

the donG said...

take your time alicesg.

Elizabeth said...

Try emptying your Temp or Temp Internet folder. It's probably a problem with the interface between blogger and Internet Explorer. Think about switching to Firefox as your browser.