Thursday, May 14, 2009

Buildings around Coleman Street (Part 3)-Capitol

This is a great old historial building and it existed even before the Japanese War. It survived. It used to be a cinema and I would always be so afraid to use the toilets in the They are rumoured to be haunted. Inside the cinema are beautiful sculptures of angels in the ceilings.

Now the cinema is gone and it is now vacant and not sure what is the future plan for it.

The shops in Capitol Building have to shift out by end of this month for future planning of Capitol.

Side view of Capitol Theatre - used to come here for movies when hubby and me That's more than 20 years ago.


Gordon said...

It is such a pity that cinemas like this are no longer viable. I hope the building is retained and put to good use.

We have an old cinema at Glenelg that will soon be lost to developers.

Indrani said...

It will be sad to see it go!
Old buildings should be preserved.

Mable said...

Ya, must be the same ghost story I heard, eeeh... Pity the cinema is gone but at least the building is intact.

alicesg said...

Gordon, I hope it will be put to good use too.

Indrani, it wont be demolished, the building will be preserved but am not sure what they will be use for. Will keep an update on it.

Mable, very true about the cinema, I used to love the interior of the cinema. I think is the only one of the kind with sculptures inside the cinema.

Alexander said...

Good coverage! I think if I remembered correctly this was where I watch my first movie. :D

Alex's World! -

c|ara said...

Hi Alice! It's wonderful that the building stays especially when we have such a shortage of old buildings with a history. I think I did catch 2 or 3 movies here too.

the donG said...

i like this building. it looks british.

Ann said...

Hi Alice,

What a coincidence! I was going to post on Capital cinema here. I went to the refurbished cinema on Wednesday. I took the exterior during the summer holidays. and I went wiht the gals at work to watch a movie. Don't normally do it, but it was a gals' nite out even though it was freezing cold.

Why are you scared of haunted toilets and trees? LOL Today, driving home, I saw a tree and thought of you and the Pontianut tree. Honest! I really thought of your tree.



XUE said...

I do love this area too, Alice! Thank you for the kind words about Xiao Xue. I wanted to email you privately but cannot find yr email. Have a good weekend!

alicesg said...

Thanks all for the visit and nice comments.

Ann, hahaha, I think I need to post more ghost stories here. :)

Xue, you can contact me throught the contact form. The reason I dont put my email there because of spam mails.