Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Eve of Chinese New Year - Reunion Dinner

Today is the eve of Chinese New Year (chu xi). It is also a very important day to all chinese.

This is the day where everyone in the family gather together and have dinner together. There will be lots of food including chicken, pork, fish, etc. But in Singapore most of us have steamboat for dinner.My foreign friends thought we are going on a steamboat to have our reunion

Steamboat actually meant a hotpot. It is actually a pot (powered by charcoal or electric) and we cooked a good soup base and then we just throw in all sort of ingredients. The ingredients will be added only when we wanted to eat. It could be all sorts of meat cut thinly, fish slices, fish ball, yong tau fu (all sorts of fresh produces like tofu, chilli, okra/ladies fingers filled with some fish paste into them), vegetables, prawns, mushroom, etc

I will have a busy time later preparing the dinner.

Meanwhile I have already wrapped my angpows (red packets containing gift of money), making sure that I remember different angpow patterns containing different amount of For family members, the gift of money will be more while friends will have lesser (normally about $8).

Here wishing all GONG XI FA CAI, GOOD HEALTH, GOOD FORTUNE AND GOOD LUCK in the year of the Tiger.


CC said...

Happy New Year my friend..have lots of fun with your family..

the donG said...

wow! i too thought it's a boat. i think the idea is like a shabu shabu.

enjoy the feast tonight.

the donG said...

that's the way art works. sometimes it's really how to use what's abundant or useless and build something great out of it.

Trotter said...

Hi Alice! 恭喜發財 - Have a great year of the Tiger!!
Blogtrotter 2 is waiting for you at sea. I’ll try to catch up with your posts before the end of the month!!

XUE said...

We had our steamboat on CNY eve & will have it again today. Can't get Bak Kua here though, which is my son's favourite.