Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chinese New Year - 3rd Day of Chinese New Year

Today it is the third day day of Chnese New Year. It is also the birthday of the Pig. The third animal that the Goddess Nuwa created for earth according to Legend.

On this day, it is considered inauspicious to do any visitings. So we normally do not visit our relatives nor do we expect any visitors to come on this day. But nowadays people do not really be bothered by this tradition. They will go visiting on this day or wear black instead of red. But I never like wearing black during Chinese New Year.

The above photo was taken at my sister's house. We have so much food, most cooked by my eldest sister...she really can cook very sumptous food. Sometimes, I really prefer homecooked food then going out to eat.

Going to a chinese family's for a meal is the best. The host is always very generous with food. The table will be filled with lots of food and your host will keep asking you to eat...lol. The host will always make sure they have more food then you can finish. And oh I forgot to take photo of the dessert and fruits with free flowing wine and chinese tea.


Lawstude said...

kung hei fat choi alice. sumptuous food indeed.

the donG said...

Sometimes, I really prefer homecooked food then going out to eat.>> same here though at times i also enjoy the food from the restaurant.

kung hei wat chai!

we too celebrated the chinese new year in our very own china town.

Alexander said...

Wow! All the good food! :)

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Photo Cache said...

happy new year.

next time i go visit singapore, i'll let you know so you can take me to your sister's for lunch :D

much better than those restaurant menus, it looks.