Friday, February 12, 2010

Chinatown - Chinese New Year 2010 Decorations at Chinatown Point

Decorations at Chinatown Point in Chinatown. Being year of the Tiger, Tigers are part of the decorations. These tigers looked so cute playing chinese instruments.

Today is the day, where many chinese and non - chinese will start going to the market and buy food. For the chinese , most bought it for tomorrow Reunion Dinner for Chinese New Year and also to stock up food as markets will be closed during the first few days of Chinese New Year. Non-Chinese also had to stock up their food too. Even malls and supermarkets are closed during the first two days of Chinese New Year.

Oh I am so happy and all ready to receive the Year of the Tiger. I am done with the spring cleaning of the house, baked all my cookies, bought my new dress/new shoes and marketing...hahaha. Oh the most important part was that I also wrapped all my angpows (red packets containing gifts of money) to be distributed during the Chinese New Year for the youngsters and those not married.

Year of the Tiger seems promising and good for Singapore. Read in the papers that flights to Singapore during this weekend are all fully booked. I guess it is partly due to the newly open Integrated Resort in Sentosa.

Universal Studio will be open in March. You can keep track of the opening date in their official website.


Lara Neusiedler said...

wishing you all the best for this celebration!

Photo Cache said...

Oh my goodness, two years ago, they were just breaking ground now the Universal Studios is opening. How lovely.

Expect more tourists to flock into your little island paradise.

Happy New Year. May it be a prosperous one for every one.

Ferreira-Pinto said...

Happy New Year, Alice. And to all your family too.