Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chinese New Year Ang Pows (Red Packet)

Wow time passes fast, next weekend will be Chinese New Year. We will be welcoming the Year of the Tiger.

I got these free ang pows (Red packets) from hotels, restaurants, banks, etc. But I do buy some nice ang pows if I come across. The ang pows are used to contain money as gifts to our family and friends who are not married. We also give to the elders as a respect. The amount of the money depends on how close you are to the recipients. The closer you are, the amount gets bigger. They must be in even numbers, example $2, $6 , $8, etc. The most popular amount is $8 which means prosper. For immediate family members(big family), I gave them in double digits...(now I know why I am broke after the

I have yet done my Chinese New Year Shopping. I guess it is time to head to Chinatown for the festive moods.


M.Kate said...

Hi Alice, we are almost finished with our CNY shopping, which are mainly for the children. I think children enjoy the most on festivals..while adults just spend more money :) Enjoy the shopping.

Alexander said...

Very nice and interesting design. :)

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Photo Cache said...

When I get this, it's usually $5 in it. Is that good or bad?

alicesg said...

PC, it is better to have even number but nowadays people are not that superstitious anymore.

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and your family! never mind, the more red you hand out, the wealthier you'll be in many other ways!! I have to get mine ready too.

Trotter said...

Better hurry... ;)