Monday, February 15, 2010

Chinese New Year 2010 - Huge Chinese Lantern

Today is the 2nd day of Chinese New Year. As mentioned in my earlier post, the Goddess (Nuwa) created earth with seven animals. On the second day, she created the dogs.

Therefore second day of Chinese New Year is also the Birthday of Dog. People will be extra kind to dogs in respect of the occasion.

I have not completed my rounds of visiting. Today will be visiting my family's side of siblings. We will gather at my eldest sister's house to exchange greetings, oranges and giving out of ang pows (red packets containing gifts of money) . And of course, there will be a sumptous lunch waiting for us at my eldest sister's house. She is a great cook. :)

Saw this huge lantern in Heeren Shopping Mall. It is so beautiful. A short video to show exactly how big the lantern is.


thomas said...

that's really big!

Lara Neusiedler said...

best wishes again, for this wonderful time of the year!

Alexander said...

Wow! This is a very beautiful lantern. I went back in Manchester before Chinese New Year; shame. Very happy to be able to see the decorations still. All thanks to you! :)

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Alexander said...

Oh ya Alice, Happy Chinese New Year! :D

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June (An Asian Traveler) said...

Huge and lovely lantern. Happy Chinese new year! Have a wonderful year ahead. :)