Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chinatown - Chinese New Year 2010 Shopping Part 4

This will be my final posting on shopping in Chinatown for Chinese New Year 2010. This year I did not take much photo of the food, etc cause it would be a repeat of last year's photos.

These little oriental dresses are so cute. This year, my friends and I are wearing something oriental too. Mine will be a mix of chinese/japanese, a kind of kimono blouse with chinese buttons. :)

These cushion covers are so cheap but I prefer those sold in Robinsons, the designs are prettier.

Flowers and plants are favourties during Chinese New Year.

Durians for chinese new year? Nah, they seems to be around all year through.

Pomelo are also favourites with the chinese because Pomelo in chinese sounds like "to have".


M.Kate said...

I love the flowers, so festive and colourful too :)

Lawstude said...

can't wait for my singapore trip this march and explore chinatown :)

Lara said...

the clothes look very interesting and nice!

Alexander said...

That looks interesting. Good luck with your Chinese New Year shopping.

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