Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chinese New Year 2010 - Singapore River Hongbao 2010 (Part 1)

Time passes fast. Today is the 4th day of Chinese New Year and is also known as the birthday of sheep. Sheep was the fourth animal that the Goddess Nuwa created for earth according to Legend.

Last night, I visited the River Hongbao at Marina. There were so many people and it was so difficult to take good photo without any people getting in the
Once I stepped into the venue, I could see the future Integrated Resort still under construction. The roof top looked so interesting. It was built according to fengshui. There will be a roof garden with F&B outlets there and some water features too. I hope to go up there once it is completed.

There will be a casino too in the Integrated Resort with musuem and exhibition halls. The other casino that was opened few days ago was in Sentosa with Universal Studio. Universal Studio will only open next month or so.

There was a china fair too at the Singapore River Hong Bao. Singapore River Hong Bao is a yearly event to usher in the Chinese New Year. Oh I love these cute pandas.

Some short videos showing the surrounding area. Just look at the crowd around me.

The below video is a little shaky at the beginning as I was hurriedly trying to catch the dragon dance in action. My first post on dragon dance in my There are two dragons in the video. At the end of the video is everyone's favourite, the God of Fortune. I will post about it next week, there's something funny going on at the foot of the God of Fortune. I will tell you all about it next week in "My World Tuesday".


alicesg said...

If you listen to the last video, there was an announcement that a little girl was missing. OMG, she must be so frightened.

Anonymous said...

wonderful work again. I that all goes well with little girl

Alexander said...

thanks for sharing the videos. Looks crowded and lots to do. Yes I think the girl must be terrified.

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