Saturday, February 20, 2010

According to Legend, Goddess Nuwa created seven animals to go along with the earth that she created. Today is the seventh day of Chinese New Year and is also known as ren ri (human day or the birthday of human) and that is what Goddess Nuwa created for earth on the seventh day.
To honour the day, a special dish is created of raw fish and vegetable salad called yusheng. Yu sheng is very popular locally.

We had yusheng on 2nd day of chinese new year. This year, we decided to eat the yusheng, teochew style. It is so different from the normal yusheng (see photo below). I still prefer the normal yusheng with the crackers on top.

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Alexander said...

Wow! You yusheng looks so good. I tried imitating it in UK, but not as good. There aren't the ingredients here.

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