Saturday, April 10, 2010

Warehouses along Singapore River

These warehouses along Singapore River have a very long history. It used to be very dirty and filled with many cargoes. Many bum boats would arrived through the river and coolies (workers) would carried all these cargoes on their backs and carried them from the boats to the warehouses. I used to watch them cause these warehouses were near my late grandparents home.

In modern Singapore, bum boats dont come through the Singapore River anymore. Instead all the cargoes are shipped through huge ship berthed along the busy port in Pasir Panjang and Jurong. Nowadays bumboats are used to ferry tourists to view the sights of Singapore River.

I used the same photo to be printed as a sketch through a software. It really looked like a sketch by someone. I am not talented hahaha...cant sketch like the above. But am sure Mable can sketch better than the above. Mable is very good in drawing and sketching. She is so talented. You can view her drawings by clicking her name and looked at her sidebar for her sketches.

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the donG said...

good that there are software like this. it helps one to change it from format to another.