Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ang Mo Kio West Garden Part 4 - Dragonflies

I should have taken my new camera out instead of my old camera. It could have zoom the dragonflies bigger.

There are so many dragonflies flying above the pond. I think the dragonfly is known as Acisoma panorpoides and probably a male one. Correct me if I am wrong. You can view the list of the scientific names of dragon from this website.

Sorry for the blur vision, I am using my old camera that could only zoom 3 times...argggg. Next time, I need to have two cameras in my I still like my old camera except it cant zoom as many times as my new camera. Been so attached to my old camera.


M.Kate said...

The image is cool despite not very clear. It's not easy to capture a dragonfly and its fun to watch its delicate wings. There's a new road to Cameron now, exiting a different toll ..a bit further but the road up is much more pleasant :)

alicesg said...

Kate, thanks for the info. on Cameron Highlands, I will check about the winding road before actually going there. Love visiting the mountain but very afraid going up the winding road cause I keep throwing out each time I visit

M.Kate said...

Hi ya Alice..could not find yr email so am here again. From Singapore use the highway to Penang -- exit at SIMPANG PULAI toll..that will take you up to Camerons, it's coming from the opposite direction in Camerons, road is less winding and easier. No need travel agent la..I can me your unofficial travel agent here haha!!

alicesg said...

Kate, thanks for the info. I need to book the bus from the travel agent and will be free and easy once I reach Cameron Highlands. Same as what I did when I visit Genting Highlands, but no plan to go yet cause I am planning to go somewhere else. Malaysia is so near, I can go anytime. On my travel list are also Penang and