Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bugis Junction

I hesitated to post these photos cause they are not well taken and quite blur. But since DongHo requested for some photos of Bugis. I bravely put these blur photos in this Give me the opportunity to tell some stories of Bugis...hehehe.

Bugis Junction is sitting on what used to be a red light district. It is often patronized by many American and British Sailors when their ships docked here. There used to be a lot of "Ah Gua" (transveittes). There's a Ah Gua show at Bugis too. And along the streets are many stalls that sold very good food. I remember going there for dinner when I need to work overtime duing my younger days, cause my office is in Middle Road near Bugis. I worked for an australian company and that was one of my best company that I ever worked for.

Now the red light district has been cleaned and what remains are the rows of shophouses (in the above photo) that been converted to be Bugis Junction. The glass roof are added as part of the renovation. Before conversion, the whole street was very noisy, crowded and dirty and there's no roof over the street so when the rain comes, it affected business. Those "Ah Gua" disappeared too but we can still spot some of them in other parts of Singapore.

There are many little kiosks selling cute gifts and souvenirs.

Please scroll down for my Label and view other photos of Bugis and also do visit the Singapore's Largest Street Shopping in Bugis for good bargains. You can view the photos in my previous post in here.

Bugis Junction is just above Bugis MRT Station. And just opposite Bugis Junction is Singapore Largest Street Shopping and also another new mall called Iluma. And if you walked through the Bugis Largest Street Shopping, you can find Waterloo Street where the famous Goddess of Mercy's Temple is located.

I hope the above information is useful to those who visit Bugis.


alicesg said...

Sorry, you have to be patient for new photos of Bugis Junction. There are more than a hundred malls in tiny Singapore. So it will be a while before I revisit any malls that I

the donG said...

wow! i was not expecting you to post about this immediately. quite privileged for this.

now i get to see bugis because when i was there, this something that a lot people requested me to visit yet i was not able to go.

thank you! thank you!

im quite intrigued with the Ah Gua. looks like i need to research more about them.

Vaggelis said...

very interesting place

Photo Cache said...

I missed burgis when we were there. We stayed in Geylang which I understood was the red light district. My husband and I wanted some experience staying in red light district; however, nothing unforgettable happened. It was safe and family oriented place.

alicesg said...

PC, Singapore is generally a very safe country but avoid dark alley. We are low crime but not zero crime country. You are right about the red light district but Geylang has many good eating place.