Tuesday, April 20, 2010

313 Somerset

This is a new shopping centre in Orchard Road that was opened last year. This will be one of my favourite mall in Orchard Road. Love the way the shops are arranged in the mall. Easy to move around and find the shops.

And the food court is my favourite...lol. I will go back there and take more photos when I next visit the mall.

Can you spot the 313 in the above photo?

The resting and meeting place on the ground floor of the mall. It is so funny how my friend sat at one corner of the resting place and I was on the other end of the corner. We will just waiting for each other without realizing we were actually so near each other, till J called me on the phone...lol. That's our meeting point at the mall. So J, if you are reading this, when are we going to 313 again. :)

The food court.....yummy...


the donG said...

youve been posting new places to visit in singapore lately. i wonder if you can also feature bugis.

alicesg said...

Dong, go to my Label (at the bottom of my blog) and click Bugis. If you are talking about Bugis Junction Shopping Centre, I will try to snap some photos, when I visit there next.