Sunday, April 18, 2010

Orchard Central - WIndow Display

Oh I love the window display at Orchard Central at the basement but there are no window/glass here. They are in the open space at the basement.

I love looking at window display and when I was younger, I even toyed with the idea of being in this line. But somehow I ended up doing accounting, a very boring job.

But I did brighten my office during christmas and chinese new year. I would use christmas cards and pin them on the wall to make a shape of a christmas tree and my boss was surprised that I can be so Then another department of my office copycat my christmas tree decoration. I should "sue" them for copyright...hahaha


Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Sounds an interesting display - without borders!!
I have not been to Singapore for a while now. Should revisit as the marina resort is now open:))

the donG said...

wow! you actually made me laugh. you should get you copyright.

alicesg said...

Keats, the IR (Universal Studio) is already open in Sentosa but the IR in Marina will be opening maybe next month (no confirmation yet).