Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Below are the three awards I received today. The One Lovely Blogger, Humanity and the cute Sugar Doll Awards.

Wow three awards in a row from CC of LacenRibbons. Thank you so much CC.

I'm supposed to list 10 things about myself. Okay, I need to update what I am doing lately.

1. I hate to call myself a hoarder but sadly I am one...lol. I love collecting keychains from different countries that I visited and some are given to me by my friends and family members. I love keeping empty beautiful tins/cans/boxes. I also love to keep beautiful shopping bags. And not forgetting my 30 years old collection of cocktail stirrers...hahaha. You can view them in my previous post by clicking on them.

2. Lately I am so crazy over sudoku. I started from easy to medium, hard and now am on evil level...lol

3. Loves travelling but hated long flight.

4. Loves photography and taking photos of objects or places that interest me.

5. Loves experimenting cooking/baking on recipes I found in the internet or papers.

6. Loves chatting with CC of Lace n Ribbons, she is one lovely lady that gives me a lot of inspiration and ideas. She is very good in her crafts and writting. One day, I wish she could write a book of her three little friends and I will be the first one to receive her book. :)

7. Loves blogging but nowadays trying to find time to blog more with more photos. I am running out of photos, I need to go out and hunt for more photos.

8. Loves shopping with my childhood friend, Jen and going buffet with her. We can really chat and shop at the same time..lol.

9. Loves ironing but hate doing the washing.

10. Loves going out for meals with my husband and two sons. I am so proud of my two sons. It is so interesting to listen to what they talked about their life and how different they are compared to my teenage times. My sons have definitely grown so big and I always thought they are still my babies...hahaha.

11. One more about myself. I loves the colour, purple and my favourite flower is Lavender. :) I loves the smell of them.


M.Kate said...

Congrats Alice...we have similar loves too--eating, and dislike--ironing :P Happy week ahead.

CC said...

You deserve every award out there my friend. You have been my sweet friend,my mentor and my teacher. You have been an ever patient teacher as I go along with my computer... I treasure our friendship and the way we chat and laugh. It has been both my honor and pleasure to know you and call you friend..