Friday, June 4, 2010

Skywatch Friday - Bishan Fire Station

Going on another exploration of the new circle line seems to be my Never visited Marymount before so I took the opportunity to try out the new train and visited Marymount. There's nothing much in Marymount except a very quiet neighbourhood.

Opposite the train station, I spotted this new and lovely fire station. Did not know there's a fire station in here. It looked so modern and big. I thought all fire station looked like the one in central. You can view my previous post on the old fire station.

For other sky watchers, please hop over to Skywatch blog.


Sylvia K said...

Beautiful skies and a great looking fire station! Great shots for the day! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!


Lara Neusiedler said...

a fine building, indeed!

the donG said...

it's just too good to be a fire station. so nice. any posts from your vietnam trip?

Ann said...

My niece went to Marymount convent school, I think. You know, the green skirt and green dotted yellow top, with a green tie. Am my memory right?

Nice to sit in the MRT, cool and even if you are not going any where. That's what some of my foreign friends do.

alicesg said...

Dong, I am in the process of posting, you can view my travel blog.

alicesg said...

Ann, you are right but I think the school has shifted elsewhere, it is no longer in Marymount.