Monday, June 21, 2010

What's behind the poster?

Continued from yesterday's post about what's behind the poster. The below photo is part of the poster where I peek through the window. This is what's behind the poster. The final part of the bridge where I am standing.

The bridge where I am standing is very impressive and very very expensive. I will post about the bridge in future post cause I wanted to tell you where the bridge leads to.

The above photo with the window is the same window that's in the poster in the below photo.

The bridge leads to The Shoppes at Marina Bay. The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, boasting over 800,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space, is Singapore's first large-scale luxury shopping destination. It is part of the MarinaBaySands which comprises of the shopping centre, casino and hotel.

You can find more information from their official website. You can see from their website how big the shoppe is. I will post about the Shoppe in tomorrow's post with photos.

The Shoppes is not fully completed but they will be completed very soon. But the internal of the Shoppes is already open for business.
More photos of The Shoppes coming in tomorrow's post.


Ann said...

were you invited to the opening ceremony. Such an exquisite place, wonder where the clientale comes from.

alicesg said...

No, I wasn't invited to the opening ceremony. Am just like the rest of the crowds, just pop over to MarinaBaySands to have a look.

the donG said...

i remember seeing it underconstruction. my singaporean colleague was here last week and he mentioned that the new casino is partly open.

Photo Cache said...

that's a pretty modern infrastracture.

alicesg said...

DongHo, the Casino is completed and open for business. It is the retail section that is not completed. Many shops are still undergoing renovation and the museum is not open too.