Thursday, June 24, 2010

Marina Bay Sands - Casino

Inside at a corner of the The Shoppes of Marina Bay Sands is the Casino.

The casino is very popular with many. Foreigners can go in free of charge to gamble while Singaporeans need to pay a levy of $100 to enter (valid for 24 hours) or $2000 for annual entry levy. Those under 21 are not allowed to enter.

Security is tight and anxious at the entrance of the Casino. If any Singaporeans managed to sneak in without paying the levy, the casino has to pay a fine.

I did not pay $100 just to enter and have a look and neither did I wanted to gamble. Even when I was overseas, I dont have any interest to gamble. The most I did was to donate money at the jackpot slot


Ann said...

Your Uncle Lee wants to make sure all the aunties who go in will have some one kept safe for them to buy their groceries. otherwise they donate all their monies and the kids have no food to eat. LOL'

You are a responsible mum

the donG said...

good that they have a tight security. it is important to maintain good measures for everyone's safety.