Saturday, June 19, 2010

Preparing for National Day 2010 - NDP Rehearsal on 19th June 2010

I saw these soldiers preparing to close part of the road in preparing for the NDP 2010 rehearsal for tonight.

Soldiers getting ready to fire these canons when the President arrived. For this rehearsal, the president wont be coming, someone will pretend to be the president.

Contingents/Performers marching to get ready for the show.

A short video showing part of the road closed for the rehearsal.
I did not stay to watch cause I was very tired. I just came from another venue, will tell you more about where I went in later posts with new photos.

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Ann said...

They sure prepare in advance, I came to live in Singapore in 1990 in the beginning of August. i was in awe of the grandness of NDP. Every NDP for 16 years I watched on TV.