Friday, June 11, 2010

Niece's 21st Birthday

It was my niece's 21st birthday. We had a small party by the pool under a not very shiny moonlight. Good thing the weather is good and it did not rain.

While sitting by the poolside, I looked up and saw the half moon and I used my camera to zoom on it. My siblings were surprised that the moon looked so big in my This is the first time they saw anyone taking photo of the moon...hahaha.

The youngsters did a good job decorating the place, really looked like a beach party. The put a lot of little candles around the place and also with some flowers. It was supposed to be a beach party and the teens were very sporting to wear bikinis ...hahaha.

The older folks however are not so sporting, we wear tee shirts and For my son's 21st birthday, I think I will be a pirate or a witch hahahaha.

A very nice buffet spread.

My niece had a ferrari as her cake.

For other sky watchers, please hop over to Skywatch blog.


Indrani said...

Great capture of the moon. And a nice cake too. Birthday wishes to your niece!

alicesg said...

Indrani, thank you for the wishes.