Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A day out to the movie

Brought my little niece to the movie. No prize for guessing which movie we watch.

Nowadays, our cinemas are not the stand alone building. They are located in malls and each cinema has a few cinemas halls in them and we can watch different movies in a day unlike in the past. Once I watch two different movies in a day, it was fun but

Okay, I did not watch the 3D version cause I will get migraine if I watch 3D for too long.

Even before we watch the movie, we have to spend money on Niece love the popcorn and I love the nachos.

Just outside the cinema, there's a shop which sells everything that's connected with the movies. I love the star wars characters.


Photo Cache said...

I tried watching one movie after another before too. You're right, it's tiring :)

I just hate that around here going to the movies seem like a huge expense, one that I have to save up for.

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

My last movie was Ip Man 2. I couldn't watch one movie after another. More so, I hardly go to the movies.

Ann said...

My school is having our annual book parade. One class told me that they are doing shrek. I am doing Red Riding hood, I made a hood for the kids , so I am using it for myself tomorrow.

Lawstude said...

same here, i miss the days when my family would head to a theater to watch a local movie. this days, theaters are now inside the mall and not a stand-alone place like what you have said.

alicesg said...

Ann, very interesting. I think I like to be a pirate or a witch.