Thursday, July 30, 2009

Walking Trip - Part 4 - Hill Top Walk Taking a Rest

After all the walk, we finally reached the hill. We decided to climb up the small hill and see what is up there.

The stairs are so beautifully built and it must have a long history. Behind this hill is a mansion but we did not detour there. The mansion is privately own by an arab family. I wondered if there's a temple or house previously built on this small hill that own these staircases.

There are many beautiful bougainvillea plants growing around the hill.

And I spotted a papaya tree growing at the corner of the hill.

My friends and I decided to take a rest here and drink plenty of water so as not to be dehydrated.

These people are part of the amazing race participants. Nah, it is not the American version but a copy cat of the original version. They are university students having fun during their school vacation.

They need to complete certain tasks before going to the next pitt stop. Everyone of them carry the same small backpack, it is given to them by their school organisers. In it are a bottle of water and some biscuits. I will have short video of them in their activities as I post along the way.

A short video of the surrounding area on hilltop.

To be continued tomorrow for skywatch.....


Lawstude said...

i got excited when i saw the steps. a few years ago, i wont dare walk those steps because i was still carrying extra pounds then lol. but now, i can easily climb those stairs with ease. the view is amazing.

alicesg said...

I am surprised I can climb too..hehehe. I used to hate climbing pedestrian overhead bridge. You have to return and see the forest walk and the steel bridge right in the middle of the forest.

I walked only from Henderson Waves to Alexandra Arch. Took me about 1 and half hour. If I will to walk the whole stretch of southern ridge could take more than 3 hours or more.

The southern ridge started from Mt Faber all the way to Kent Ridge. Will show a map of the entire walk of Southern Ridge in one of my post, look out for it.

Anya said...

Amazing place Alice,
looks so peaceful :)
I loved the video ^__^