Thursday, July 9, 2009

Iluma Shopping Centre-Bugis Area

This is the new shopping mall in Bugis Area. I have featured it in my previous post in here.

The mall is now open and it is very spacious inside. I love the highest floor, it has a nice food court and many restaurants. :)

These little kioks are for those DIY and sovenirs. Mostly are youngsters selling their own handmade stuffs.

A short video showing the very long escalators up to the highest floor. My friend and I, of course took the ride up the escalators...hehehe. We are just like kids. :)


the donG said...

now tell me how many malls does singapore have? looks like there's a lot.

Lara said...

another really interesting place!

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

My goodness, so many shopping places in S'pore! I'll drop before I finish even one!! New spanking ones always attract 'coz people want to check it out.

alicesg said...

For those interested in how many shopping malls Singapore have, you can get the information from wikipedia.

Dong Ho/Sunshine,

I think there are at least more than 100 (not including some shops found in heartland i.e. where majority of Singaporeans live in).

Some malls are worth visiting while some are quite boring. Yes, my girlfriends and I always look our for new malls to hang out and have coffee or lunch and meet up. :) And sometimes, we are lucky to find nice clothes for our It is difficult to find clothes for our age or to our taste. We are caught in between, we dont like clothes that make us look too old and not too kinky and trendy clothes for youngsters.

Good news, there will be three new malls coming in Orchard Road, will be new hang outs for girlfriends and me...hehehe

Anya said...

Such a shopping places
are NOT in Dutch :(
I go look by wikipedia,
can I dream about it .... LOL

Alexander said...

The facade of the building is excellent. However, looking at the interior, it's a bit disappointing I must say. It very nice though, but it is very similar to most shopping malls. Anyway, nice photos. they are well taken, and thanks for sharing this coverage.

Have a good weekend.

Alex's World! -

alicesg said...

Alex, I wondered how the malls survived. There are so many new malls opening every year. Illuma is just too spacious and yes the exterior look better than the interior. To me it is just another new place to hang out with my girlfriends. :)

Alexander said...

Alice true enough, I think that is why the rents of these shops are staggering. The tenants could hardy breath, so they are passing the cost down to us, the shoppers! hehe... :D

Looks like a cool place to hang out with all the glittering that surrounds the interior of the mall. I should visit it some time when I came back to Singapore.

Alex's World! -