Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Walking Trip - Part 3 - Hill Top Walk/Forest Walk

After all the excitement at Henderson Waves, it is now time to set off for the Hill Top and forest walks. Henderson Waves is a 5 minutes walk but we spend more than 5 minutes there because of all the excitement and photo taking and admiring the beautiful bridge.

Hill Top Walk is about 15 minutes walk but of course we took longer and rest there to admire the view (the post will come tomorrow) and forest walk is about 20 mintues but I think we spend more than that it is a long walk (will talk about these two walks in coming posts).

I think the person who put all the amount of minutes needed on these walks must have long legs and he/she can walk You can view more details and the timing in this map. (Click on the map bottom right hand corner to enlarge it.)

With all the signboards and wordings on the floor, we quickly found our way about and no we did not spot any monkeys.

This is part of Telok Blangah Hill, there are lots of huge trees like this and I guess I am the only one taking photo of this

Tourists taking a rest after visiting the Henderson Waves, they are waiting for their coach bus to take them somewhere else, they are not taking the hilltop and forest walks.
Come back tomorrow and continue walking with me to the hilltop. :)


SandyCarlson said...

A spectacularly beautiful walk, no two ways about it. So much for the experts and their help!

M.Kate said...

That was a good exercise, I should do that more. I live around a man made lake with the hope of taking daily walks, well, that plan has gone down the drain. Happy day Alice/hugs/M

the donG said...

those type of walks i enjoy. so clean, less vehicles and green scenery. but i think biking is best there.

Anya said...

Its a great place to walk,
so lovely green shots :)

alicesg said...

Sandy, yes it is indeed beautiful and well maintained.

M. Kate, I dont take such long walk

Dong, biking is allowed but not on the bridge, too dangerous to ride on the bridge and pose a danger to people using the bridge too.

I will be going biking one day, not sure

Lawstude said...

both healthy and enjoyable... i love walking. and with this great view, i will definitely enjoy it more.

Photo Cache said...

In my experience, when I take a walk with my camera, it always always take much much longer :)

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Iused to walk around the neighbourhood and bike in my garden. Not anymore , am going for aerobics classes.
A walk among greenery is definitely uplifting .