Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fond Memories - Part 3 - JTC Flatted Factory

Continuing from my walk around St. Michael's Estate, I found this flatted factory still standing. The factory was built so long ago and I remember my eldest sister worked here during her school vacation to earn some money to supplement the family's income.

This factory and many factories elsewhere were built in the early 70s to help Singapore's economy and having factories built nearer to where Singaporean stays, help the businessmen get workers easily so workers dont have to travel far to work.

This will be my last post about St. Michael's Estate and where I spend my childhood. I hope my little childhood's story is of interest to you all as it is for me. :)


M.Kate said...

childhood stories are always interesting Alice, happy weekend..hugs/M

Lawstude said...

it is always fun remiscing isn't it. my childhood days where spent in farms and rural areas and it has developed since.

the donG said...

i too have been away from my childhood place for more than three years now. and i really need to visit it.

Marju said...

Beautiful photos!!

Anya said...

I have missing many post
from you :(
Fantastic pictures ^___^
I am feeling better now :)