Saturday, June 27, 2009

Visit to the National Museum-Part 10-Wayang and Fashion

This wil be my second last series of posting of the museum.

Now this looked so scary and spooky. It is in the fashion gallery of the museum. Admission to this part of the museum is free of charge.

The bridal gown looked like a headless and limbess ghost at first

These hair rollers looked so familar, I remember using them when I was young...hahaha.

Noticed the lower and short sewing machine. That is powered by hand. I used that during my secondary school, you use your right to turn the wheel of the sewing machine and your left hand to guide the fabric while the other sewing machine is powered by legs.

Nowadays the sewing machines are all run by electric and computerized.

This part of the exhibits are in the wayang gallery. I love the costumes and accessories displayed there. You should actually watch a live performance of the wayang. You can see my posting of a local wayang in here.

There are so many more interesting exhibits at the museum, you need to go there to view.


Indrani said...

Interesting exhibits, the first one does look a bit spooky as you mentioned. :)

Anya said...

Its really looks a little scary that first dress ;)
Have a nice weekend !!
Thanks for all museum shots ...

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Hair rollers? they are of a bygone era! - mine !! Ha! ha!
Also, the sewing machine - it is a relic as we live in such a sophiscated world.

Rambling Woods said...

You are right about the wedding does look like a headless ghost. I used to use big juice can as hair curlers in the late 60's.

alicesg said...

Michelle, that is funny and good way to recycle

I guess people can be very creative during the olden times, we used to use bottle as rolling pin to flatten dough and cups as dough cutter.

the donG said...

amazing! it even includes sewing machines.

GMG said...

Love this post!!