Thursday, June 4, 2009

A day out to the movie

Yesterday, I brought my eight year old niece out to the movie. She told me it was her first time out to the movies but I think she cannot recall the times when my brother brought her out to the movies when she was much Anyway, she was so excited and happy.
It was a delight to watch the movie with her and both of us was laughing so hard in the cinema. I am a kid all over. Lucky for me I still have a little niece to play with and go out with My two grown up sons are too engrossed with their friends and activities to accompany me out for a movie and hubby would only watch movies that are all too boring for I wondered what movies we watched while we dated...hehehehe

Can you guess which movies little niece and me watch? Answer will be revealed one day later. :)


Indrani said...

It has to be monster aliens. :)

Keropok Man said...

Monsters vs Aliens!

My aunt brought her niece and daughter to watch it too!

It's the school holidays! :-)

Anya said...

I love movies,
its relaxing,
I hope you enjoy the movie LOL
( I think you go to Monster aliens)

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

We watch dvds more than movies. Things will change as a new complex is nearby. Makes viewing easier:)

J.C. said...

Dear Alice,

My guess would be Monsters vs Aliens!! I right?

I just watched Demons & Angels with friends 2 weeks ago. It is really a fantastic movie. Even though I have read the books a few years back, I still find the movie truly exciting! I was sitting at the edge of the chair all the while! Ha ha..I think I am like you...back to being a child all over again!

alicesg said...

The answer is ..............Night at the Museum 2.

alicesg said...

Thanks for guessing. :)

Keropok, yes is the month long school holidays, we had plans to bring the little kids (niece/nephews) out.

Keat, I dont watch much movies either, I have lots of DVD at home too. But certain movies, it is best to watch at the cinema cause the screen and sound effects are better, like Lord of the Rings (even though I got the DVDs).

Indrani & Anya, Thanks and I enjoyed the movies very much.

JC, I would like to watch the Angels and Demons too. I guess we are young at heart. :)