Friday, June 5, 2009

Skywatch-Friday-St. Joseph's Church

Saint Joseph's Church is a Roman Catholic church in Singapore. The church was constructed from 1906 to 1912 with its foundation-stone laid two years earlier. The building was built in the Gothic style by the Portuguese Mission. For more on this church you can view from source.

Looking at the church from another angle. Geez, I am such a poor

I took this photo of the church from Waterloo Complex through this rounded structure. If only the small tree would not obstruct the view, it would look better.
The taller building opposite the church is the National Library which I had posted earlier.

Closer look at the church's beautiful windows.

My second sister is a catholic and sometimes she comes to this church for service. My family is like my country, we have buddhist, taoism, christain, catholic and free thinkers and we live in harmony. :)

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XUE said...

And it is a wonderful country!!

Rajesh said...

The architecture of the church is gorgeous. Beautiful snaps as usual.

Photo Cache said...

that's what is so good about singapore; harmony in diversity.

this is such a beautiful church alice.

Anya said...

Wow !!
Beautiful shots
you make from the church :)
Its a beautiful building !!

Ann said...

Hi Alice,

Churches are always great buildings to photograph. You have done a great job.

My family are/were Catholics. Some of us became born again Christians, including me when I became an adult. Churches are still very much part of my life. When my Dad came to visit me, he worshipped in the RC church in Boon Lay.

Have a good weekend.

Ann :)

Lara said...

that is an amazing building!

Ming1881 said...

Nice pics of church.

alicesg said...

I have no idea why I cant link my blog to skywatch this week.

GMG said...

Hi Alice! Lovely pictures of a wonderful building!! Amazing is the fact that the Portuguese have always been everywhere around the world... ;))
Enjoy a great weekend!

Alexander said...

Great captures! Looks like it was going to rain. Yups! That's a beautiful church. Very beautiful photos.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Alex's World! -

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

beautiful building. Am comfortable praying in a church tho I'm not a Christian.

CC said...

Your pictures are wonderful. It's like you're giving me a personal tour of your gorgeous country. Hugs from Texas..

alicesg said...

I thanks all for the nice comments and visit. I hope to put more photos of mysterious corners of Singapore in future, if only I can find the

Have a nice weekend all.

the donG said...

nice to know that even with different religion you keep the relationship with one another.

nice to know.

that's a nice church. it somehow looks gothic.

Rambling Woods said...

That is a beautiful church much money and time goes into some church buildings...
Michelle From Rambling Woods