Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Three malls in Tampines (Part 1)

Taking the train and alight at Tampines MRT Station, you can see three malls side by side. The train station is actually sandwiched between tampines mall, century square on one side and on the other side is the new mall known as Tampines 1.

Century Square (very old mall)

Tampines Mall

The new kid on the block - Tampines 1 - very crowded during weekend.

Despite the three malls being so close to each other, J (my best friend) and me could not find any nice clothings that we needed for dinner. I needed a nice dress for nephew's wedding in November (but on posting these photos, I already found my evening dress - will talked about it in later post... :)

Short video of what's going on in Tampines 1. A promotion by Shiseido - a make over. They do the hair and make up for you but I find it strange that the outfit the consumer wore dont match with the nice make up and hairdo. They should provide some nice clothings too.
J and me have intention of going for a make over before we have wrinkles all over our Well, women are vain...hehehe
A promotion by a magazine which gives free gifts too. I dont buy these expensive magazines anymore cause I found that there are more advertisements then interesting articles in them. So I end up reading past issues of the magazines from library or my hair salon...hahaha.


Anya said...

That pink building its so special;)Fantastic shots :)

(Nice new profile picture,
did you make the drawings self.....LOL, its very lovely)

have a nice day :)

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Many malls to empty our pockets, if we allow them!!! I have to walk around and browse before spending. Takes time and saves my money :)

Ann said...

So different, Tampinese and Bedok. I remember they are one MRT station apart.

I didn't visit much of the other part of Singapore. Are they going to tear down Bedok and make it like Tampinese?

alicesg said...

Ann, no they aren't going to tear down Bedok, they are making improvements to it.

Photo Cache said...

I wonder how many malls there are in S'pore. I like the pink building.

Do you see store closings in the mall? It looks like business continues to be brisk out there.

alicesg said... last count there are at least more than 100 big malls (not including the small shops, etc). Yes some shops make big $$$ while some do close shops or change hands.

I guess the one that make big bucks are the eateries and supermarkets. In fact, I also wondered how they survive with so many malls?

For me, it is just another place for me to have coffee and make up with friends.

As I grow older, I shop wisely and dont buy on impulse.

the donG said...

the mall structure is nice. the irregularity compliments it.