Thursday, June 18, 2009

Temperature Screening

Do you know what this is? It is a board with a lot of stickers on them.

At the hospitals, visitors need to have their temperature taken and a sticker given with the date recorded on the stickers when one do not have the fever. (Each day the stickers will be different colour.) They then are allowed to go up to the wards/clinics.

After visiting, visitors can throw the stickers away in bins or stick to the board for disposal. This is to discourage people from pasting the stickers all over the place.
Since SARS, we have measures to prevent virus from spreading to the community.

Now with the H1N1, we have the same measures too. How far could we control the flu from spreading to the community? I am keeping my fingers crossed very hard that the flu wont spread around. Hope the vaccine will be found soon.

Everyone can help control the flu with some advices from the health minsitry of your country.

Those interested can view these advices from our crisis official website in here.
Please share with the world, what measures/control does your country take.


Ann said...

AHHHH!!!!! Alice, it is back! I was in Singapore when SARS came. I remember this sticker board.

Hope this swine flu quickly goes. bad news in New Zealand.

Photo Cache said...

Here's wishing your bil all the best in his surgery. Hugs to you.

alicesg said...

Thanks PC, the surgery is very successful.

GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

Greetings Sky Watch Friday neighbor. Our number is the one after yours (#197). Your post is very informative. The buildings look so clean!