Thursday, June 25, 2009

Visit to the National Museum of Singapore - Part 8 -

These exhibits are really very old and I get to see them when I was young. I remember these green spot and F&N orange bottles. Used to have them in our home especially during Chinese New Year and during those times, we really recycled them.

The F&N bottle could double up as rolling pin and we sold these bottles to the rag and bone man for recycling purposes.

This is a ice shaving maker machine. I used to buy ice ball from the drink stall near my school.

Ice ball is made from ice shavings and some ingredients like red beans are added in the middle of the ball and the drinks vendor would then shaped it into a ball and then pour some sweet syrup and coconut milk all over the ice ball. I remembered the ice ball cost ten cents and I would share with my friend by asking the vender to saw the ice ball into half. So we each paid only five cents. It is so cute and fun back then.

Tiffins used during the olden days. Nowadays the tiffin dont come with these beautiful designs on them.

Now this camera is really very antique. I remembered the cameraman using this camera and with a light bulb as a flash and it had to change the bulb frequently.

A very antique camera

Geez now I sounded like an antique myself

I bet these are things only people born during and before the 60s will be able to associate with.


Erin said...

hi alice.
so interesting are these old things. that shaved ice machine is really interesting and the tiffins were so pretty back then with the lovely painted designs on them. and that little ricoh
have a wonderful day.
thanks for sharing these with us.

Anya said...

Really all golden oldies LOL
Thats museum :)
Informative post,
I have many seen from the museum!!Thanks....

GMG said...

Hi Alice! What a wonderful series!
My favourite is the Ricoh!! Also loved to see the Jewellery and the Raffles letters!

Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter. Have a great weekend!

Rambling Woods said...

I was born in the 50's so some looks familiar to me. I remember being able to go to a family store with a quarter and getting a whole bag of candy for my sister and me to share..

the donG said...

the cameras are really cool! i want them. hehehe... it reminds me of olympus pen camera. so classic.