Sunday, June 21, 2009

Visit to the National Museum of Singapore (Part 3-Tour Guide)

The National Museum of Singapore is originally named the Raffles Library and Museum. The library is on the lower floor while the exhibits are on the second floor. Reason being the books are heavy and it is wise to be located on the lower floor.

She is our museum guide (she is a volunteer with the museum). It is funny cause she is an American and telling us (Singaporean) the history of Singapore...hahaha. But there are certain things we do not know and we learn some from her but we are very familar with some of the exhibits especially those in the 50s and 60s and we actually have some of those exhibits in our house during our growing up times. Siblings and us have a fun day telling the kids about the exhibits that used to be found in our home.

The top of the ceiling are these beautiful stained glass that beautified the dome.

Now this staircase leads to more exhibits on the upper floor. You need to return again to see my postings of the exhibits.

A short video of our lovely and friend museum guide.

Please return again for more posts on the museum.


Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

I attended a meeting to be a museum guide but had to opt out as there was a clash of actvities in the training. A pity!
We have a group of expatriates who do really good job as guides at our museum too.

Anya said...

Great shots Alice !!!
I thought it was you on the picture....... LOL
have a nice evening :)

ramblingwoods said...

You know Alice..You do the best job of teaching those of us who don't know about your country to appreciate it and all it has to offer...I really enjoy your posts even if I don't always comment....Michelle

alicesg said...

Sunshine, I doubt I can be a volunteer guide. My memory is Wont be able to remember all the dates and years of the history.

Anya, hahaha, no that's not me, I am a Chinese.

alicesg said...

Michelle, thanks for the compliments. I am just sharing these photos and letting you all view Singapore from the eyes of a local. Thank you for enjoying.

the donG said...

the video showed like we were actually with you.

the national museums can be considered as the country's most important structure.

Anya said...

I now Alice........ LOL
That you are a chinese ^__^