Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tampines 1 - Part 2 -Window Display

Oh I love taking photos of these mannequins on display. They are promoting the glasses, clothes, bags and shoes.

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Which one do you like?

I love the shoes and bags only and no I did not purchase them cause I have lots of them at home...sigh...wish I could purchase
I will show you some of my bags in Pink Saturday. :)


the donG said...

i dont have an option. i think my friend will like the first one.

XUE said...

Hey Alice! I think one can never hv too many bags :) !!! I always tell my husband that he's lucky that I like my own self-made bags & jewelry ! I then to go nuts over reading materials though.

Lawstude said...

that's window shopping... literally! i would love any of those on my girl.

Anya said...

I have also to many purchases .....
I want to go shopping
when I see your post !!!!!
Have a nice evening:)

Ann said...

Hi Alice,

What style is the first one. Looks very retro.

My girls friends and I used to joke:
Got no money,
Got no shape,
Got no attention from the sales girls,

So we hide in our old baggy clotes and head to our next best hobby, eating . LOL


alicesg said...

Ann, yes a bit retro. It got some pleats at the skirt, will make me look fat in

GMG said...

I knew you were competimg with Imelda... ;))

alicesg said...

GMG, hahaha, I wish I could have a whole room for shoes and bags then I could buy