Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Old Airport or Kallang Airport Estate

This is Kallang Airport or Old Airport Estate. It used to be part of the airport premises and therefore the estate is named after the old airport. Kallang Airport had long been closed and shifted to Paya Lebar and now shifted to Changi Airport. You can read more about Kallang Airport in wikipedia.
The flats here are very old but are very well maintained. Most of the flats are probably over forty years old.
Many people walked along the corridors of the ground flat at the above flat to shelter from the hot sun. Most like me are heading for Dakota MRT Station.
Keat asked me a very good question about the meaning of Dakota. As Kallang Airport Estate used to be the old airport, so Dakota was named after those Dakota Planes that used to land in the airport.

The road in the above photo is Old Airport Road. It used to be the runway for the Kallang Airport.

Many estates across Singapore have a space like the above. It is a multi function space. Some used them as venue for arts competition, wedding, birthday, etc celebration. The one that many wont believe is that it is also used for funeral wakes.

The above apartment block is known as maisonettes. It is an apartment flat on two levels with internal stairs.


M.Kate said...

I do agree that the flats are very well maintained..unlike ours :(

Happy weekend Alice...hugs/M

Ann said...

Hi Alice,

My bto in law, a Kelabit from Bario highlands is called Kallang.

We joked when he came to Singapore that he must have been famous.

Happy Mothers' day.

Photo Cache said...

Everything in Singapore looks neat and clean even though you say those flats are over 40 years old already.

Enjoy Mother's Day. Hope the boys treat you super special.

alicesg said...

Thank you folks. Happy Mothers' Day to all mothers out there. :)

the donG said...

it still looks so good that i might not even consider it old. but yes in singapore it is.

Lara Dutza - Neusiedler said...

happy mother's day, Alice!

Blues-Girl said...

Hi Alice, may I know which block is the multi function space at?

alicesg said...

Hi, I cant recall which block the multi function space was. It was so long ago when I took the photo. You can check with the respective town council.