Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kallang - Driving Lesson

This is the car park outside the Singapore National Stadium. Since the stadium had already closed down, this car park is very quiet and deserted.

The only people I saw using the car park are these learner drivers. Hahaha, it reminded of the days when I was learning how to drive. My instuctor brought me to a cemetery to learn It really scared me but luckily there are other learner drivers in that area too.

And hey, I passed on my first attempt after learning for only twenty over lessons but now I rather take the public transport or be driven than to drive cause there are simply too many cars in the city.

A short video showing the learner drivers.


Lawstude said...

i agree. lots of traffic specially in orchard road. :)

Lara Neusiedler said...

ah, in Romania we have lots of traffic too, and narrow streets. in Austria is better - hence the advantage of having two homes :))

Alexander said...

hahaha... nice one. First attempt? that is excellent! :)

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