Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Stress

Took this photo during lunch time when we were looking for a nice restaurant to have our celebration. The queue at Ding Tai Fung Restaurant was so long that I am prepared to settle for a meal at the fast food I think I will stress out if I have to wait for more than an hour for seats in the restaurant.

It is nice to see children taking their mothers and grandmothers out for a meal to celebrate the day but can be quite stress for the old folks having to stand outside the restaurants for so long.

However, we are lucky to find seats at Crystal Jade Restaurant after waiting for less than half an hour only.

Many like me have to settle for these dim sum restaurants after failing to get reservations for buffet at our nice hotels. I heard that some booked one week ahead for Mother's Day Lunch and Dinner at the hotels and some even stay for the night at the hotel.

Next month is Father's Day, we are definitely celebrating earlier together with hubby's birthday.


Trotter said...

Hi Alice! OK, half hour isn't that bad... ;))
We had Mother's Day on the first Sunday in May; it's not the same day everywhere... ;)

Ephesus Masterpieces are at Blogtrotter Two for you to enjoy; I’m sure you’ll be impressed!! Have a great week!!

Alexander said...

Glad you managed to find a seat! Hope you have enjoyed your mother's day. hahaha.

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Photo Cache said...

Out here too booking for nice restaurants offering special menu for Mother's Day go too quickly. Luckily for me my mother's fave place is this bargain Chinese restaurant in Chinatown that offers tasty food, large serving size for a very small price. So affordable that we could be full and have some take homes too.

It's weird too that that restaurant is always full on regular sundays, but the chinese moms are nowhere to be found on Mother's Day. I told my hubby they probably asked their hubs and kids to take them somewhere fancy and expensive since it was their day.

richies said...

The restaurant that we wanted to go to on Mother's Day was so busy that we waited until 4:00 P.M. We were hungry, but it was worth the wait.

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Lara Neusiedler said...

I don't understand why for such celebrations (Christmas included) is so much fuss and the streets are so crowded, never to mention the restaurants. it makes me just stressy :)).