Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Circle Line - Stadium Station

Continuing with my exploration of the new Circle Line (extension of the Mass Rapid Transit Transport Sytem), I arrived at Stadium Station. This is the station where I can go to the Singapore National Stadium which I posted yesterday.

I think the architectural design of this station is the best among all the stations but I have yet to visit other stations of the new circle line extension.

As this station is near the future sports hub, there are pictures of footballers plastered on the glass of the station. Very interesting.

From the top of the station, I can view through the other end of the station. It looked like it is very narrow.

The exit/entrance of the station is very spacious.

The station is very empty when I was there. Normally, there is no reason to go there unless you worked there or there's a concert at the nearby Indoor Stadium. Crowds of thousands will be expected on such occasion.
But once the Sports Hub is built, I think it will be crowded again with people going there to watch football matches and also to exercise there.

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Photo Cache said...

every stadium should have mass transportation stops nearby. and knowing singapore, this is not only a functional stop but also an aesthetic one.