Monday, May 19, 2008

Time Out Part 3 - Duck Tours

Time Out Part 3 is about another group of students being brought out by teachers on another adventure. The students were so lucky and they are so excited too.

The students get the chance to ride the ducktours which could travel both on land and sea.
I too was excited...hehehe...cause I was one boat ahead of these students that was why I saw the students having fun and excitement.

I will post about my adventures on board the ducktours in another post. :)


Jules said...

Kids love to get out of the classroom and explore don't they. One of the classes at our school are off to some of the places on my blog on Friday - the museum, the tunnels, the war Cemetery.

Anonymous said...

beautiful series

alex said...

Haha... The students must be having a school outing. I still remember when I was in school. It was great times! :P

Anyway I've never been on one of this. I hope it was fun.

Alex's World! -

Anonymous said...

Quuaccc, quuaacccckkk!!!!
I too want to take a ducktours :)

Lawstude said...

Wow. An amphibian ride. I guess the kids had a lot of fun.