Sunday, May 4, 2008

Activities on Kallang River

What to you do on a hot day? Go near water. Here are some of the activities along Kallang River that are a favourite with many sporty people including my son. But I rather hide myself in the air conditioning shopping

Kayaking, Canoeing, Dragon Boating are very familar sights along Kallang River. My son's favourite is the kayak.


zakscloset said...

it looks so much fun! especially when the weather is nice and hot. i'd love to try canoeing when it gets hot (well i'm not so sure if it'll get hot enough in the uk though...)

Kitem said...

I like to see the Dragon boat festival, it's unique and very entertaining.
Kayak is a great way to exercise while having a lot of fun on the river.

Lawstude said...

The weather is quite hot so a dip in the water is really refreshing. Beautiful shots of the river Alice. Have a nice day.

Gordon said...

When we visited Singapore we found refuge in your airconditioned shopping malls; but I would rather be on the water like your son.